Daniel Nava backs up Farrell's faith

For a role player like Daniel Nava, confidence is key. Although initially shocked when he was told that he would start in Monday's home opener instead of rookie Jackie Bradley Jr., Nava said he had plenty of time to get his thoughts straight and focus on the goal:
“Of course it gave me confidence,” Nava said. “John and Torey have done a great job of communicating with us about whether we’re playing the following day. The opportunity to mentally prepare is huge.”

Nava then went on to tell of how confidence in himself and from his manager, John Farrell, helped him propel into being the game's hero:
“I had a lot of confidence knowing my manager had my back,” he said. “You saw what happened in the game.”

As fate would have it, Farrell's decision to play Nava payed off, as the slugger belted a three-run homerun in the seventh inning that would eventually prove to be the game winning play. Farrell said that the decision was made because he felt Nava (a switch-hitter) would be more capable of batting against Orioles LHP Wei-Tin Chen, who had blanked the Sox for over six innings.
“He puts up a consistent at-bat. Numbers bear it out that he’s had more success lefthanded. But I think just in general he’s been a confident offensive player,” the manager said.

As for Nava, he's finding himself in a whole new territory, but enjoying every second of it:
“It’s been an amazing couple of days,” said Nava, who until this season had never been on an Opening Day roster. “Just to get this chance with this team means a lot to me. When you’re here for the home opener and everything that goes on, that’s pretty special.” 

Anthony Aidonidis