April Fooled: Hi Neighbor! New Signs on the Monster

I was fooled! Hook, line, and sinker. The Coke bottles over the wall should've been a hint that the photo I saw on Facebook was a fake. Shame on me and nice prank by the brewery. I got it about two minutes after posting the original post. Here's the unedited original post:

"While major renovations at Fenway have been wrapped up, that doesn't mean there will be no changes before the home opener. Narraganset Beer will unveil two new signs on the Green Monster.

The iconic New England brand was acquired by a group of local investors who have relaunched and rejuvenated the beer. They hired the last Narraganset brewmaster from the 1980s to ensure they recaptured the taste of the trademark lager, as well as launching several new styles. The company is in the process of opening a new brewery in New England to take the beer home for real.

The company has done a great job of marketing the brand as flavorful craft beer, while taking advantage of the brand's over 100 years of history. Narraganset was one of the first sponsors of Red Sox broadcasts, and generations of Red Sox fans grew up listening to Curt Gowdy telling neighbors, "Hey neighbor, have a 'Ganset!" As such, having signage and an increased association with the Red Sox makes perfect sense.

While the signing makes lots of sense for Narraganset and the Red Sox, I hope this is the end of it. Esthetically, any additional signage will make the wall look like a billboard. If the Red Sox want to cram any more ads they might as well bring back the Gem Blades advertisement.

Hopefully the added exposure for Narraganset at Fenway translates into more tap-lines at the park. Even a beer snob like me who usually drinks darker and/or hoppier beers, can appreciate an American lager on a hot summer day at the ballpark. Narraganset Lager puts anything from Bud, Miller, or Coors to shame."

Narraganset photoshopped their signs on this old picture of the Green Monster on Facebook. That was enough to fool me when I was checking my Facebook during a *ahem* break at work.

The left field wall as it appeared before 1947. Ted Williams requested that the signage be eliminated as he found it distracting.