Sox to Collins - We got your back.

Jason Collins, who used to be a Celtic, became the first openly gay pro athlete on Monday

The reaction was positive following Jason Collins announcement yesterday that he was gay.

Collins, who used to play in for the Celtics, is the first openly gay player in any major American sport. The Red Sox tweeted the following on their official page after the announcement "We salute you, @jasoncollins34, for your courage and leadership. Any time you want to throw out a first pitch at Fenway Park, let us know."

Other responses from athletes have been overwhelmingly positive, so this was an expected reaction. Plus, Boston is pretty accepting, so this didn't really surprise me.

Another interesting fact, according to the Herald, is that the Red Sox 40 man roster includes players from all different countries, such as Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. This makes Boston's salute even more appropriate and expected.

I personally am glad someone in pro sports decided to step up and come out, and quite frankly, be a man. It takes a lot of personal strength to come out, especially as a pro athlete because there is a lot of pressure to be "masculine" or whatever, so I'm glad Jason Collins had the guts to do this.

Times are starting to change, and I hope Jason Collins can serve as an example to gay athletes everywhere, both professional and aspiring, that being gay can be acceptable in sports and athletes can be "ultra-masculine" at the same time. Jason, if you ever want to talk , tweet me - @ConorJF1016. Ok, maybe that's too much to ask, but if anyone else wants to tweet me with comments or concerns, or what have you, feel free.