Sox To Wear Commemorative Jerseys

Today may be the most emotional game at Fenway Park ever played. To commemorate the occasion the Red Sox will be wearing commemorative jerseys with "Boston" adorned on the front as opposed to the customary "Red Sox" on their home uniforms.

Not only is this an appropriate gesture to the city and the victims, there jerseys are gorgeous. They look like the jumped out of a photo from 1930, which is to say iconic how a Red Sox uniform should look.

If the club isn't already, they should consider selling these jerseys and having the proceeds go to the victims and their families. Now that the terrorists are off the street, that needs to be the focus. While the four fatalities have gotten a lot of attention, the maimed survivors will need help as well. Things like lost wages, immediate medical bills, prosthetic limbs and physical/occupational therapy add up exponentially. The Red Sox are as socially active as any team in sports, selling these jerseys would be a good start to raise the desperately needed funds for the victims and their families.