The 2013 Fenway Experience

It's been over a year since I was back at Fenway park. I usually try to catch a Red Sox game 1-3 times a year. Last year I was able to make it twice, and I do have to say, it was not the same.

The main reason why it was not the same in my opinion was because of the team. I felt that just because of everything going on with the team and their transition that they were going through that it hurt the environment. It just was not fun being a Red Sox fan.

Yesterday, April 27th, I attended a Red Sox Astros game. I really didn't know what to expect considering how last year was. Boy oh boy was it an experience though. 

As a baseball fan in general who has visited almost all of the baseball parks in America, one thing I notice at other parks are the prices. Fenway's prices compared to other parks are sky high. This year on the other hand though, they became more fan friendly with the buy one get one free hot dogs, $5 beers, and kids eat free. Yeah i know it is only for the month of April, and I wish it was all year, but it sure makes me want to go to the park, see a game, and enjoy the deals. Other than that I was still a little disappointed that I had to pay almost $5.50 for a pretzel.

On the other hand though, I could tell the fans were more into the game than last year. With basically a whole new team on the field, with a whole new attitude, you can tell the fans were excited to be there watching their team. 

Even though they were playing the Astros, it felt like a playoff game in my eyes. Every time Doubront had two strikes on a batter the whole place was on their feet. It was great. 

Overral I think because how the team is playing and their attitude this year, has changed me as a fan and how I view the team. You can tell every time they hit the field, they are putting in 110%.

By Craig Sawicki