The Red Sox Expect Fans to Miss The Entire Game for a Free Frank

The club's much ballyhooed concessions sale took another miserly turn as Barstool Sports relayed reports that the club's two for one hotdog promotion was only at select concession stands. As somebody who has defended the owners in the past, and painted them in a positive light when compared to the Yankees owners, this is indefensible.

I am willing to bet this kid's parents paid full price for that
Fenway Frank.
When you get up to get anything at Fenway Park you're basically punting an entire inning of watching the game. No matter how many TVs the Red Sox set up, or concession stands they squeeze into the concourse, getting food or drink is a pain in the ass. Fans have to squeeze in front of the fans in their row, hustle under the stands, hope the line isn't too long, buy their food and drink, and hustle back above the concourse. Even then typically there is still action going on on the field and you have to wait for the inning to end or a pitching change before making everybody else in your row get up again so you can get back to your seat while trying not to spill beer on them. This happens even when you go to the concessions stand that is the closest to your seats. If you want to get your kid a free hotdog, you're going to miss half the game to do so.

Ballpark food is marked up to the moon. The Red Sox could have four for one hot dogs and still turn a profit. For the price of one hot dog at the ballpark you can buy a package of eight at the grocery store. Those are the same Kayem dogs that they serve at Fenway. If you really want to go cheap, you can get about 30 of the store brand dogs for that same price. I lived off those during and immediately after college.

If the Red Sox really wanted to provide value early in the season when its cold and kids are still in school, this is how its done. With the cost of living in Boston and the attraction that is Fenway, nobody expects all-you-can-eat seats or a $1.50 dog like the Diamondbacks are offering, but if they can offer a hot dog for that price the Red Sox can certainly honor the specials they are promoting all over the ballpark.

The Red Sox would have been better off not offering or promoting any special at all. Charging full-price all the time is at least honest. I can't defend the indefensible here. This is a joke and the team should be ashamed.