We want YOU to write for RedSoxLife

RedSoxLife is currently looking to add 3-5 new contributors to our stellar writing team. If you're passionate about the Red Sox and would like to voice your opinion, rumors and up-to-date news then we'd love for you to apply as a contributor. 

If you choose to move forward in this process please be aware of the exceptions that we have for all of our contributors on RedSoxLife.
  1. Contribute at least one post a day to the RedSoxLife website. The importance of maintaining content on the site is our number one priority. We encourage all our writers to write as much as they want but all must contribute at least one post a day.  
  2. Review and maintain our posting guidelines set forth by our owners.
  3. Maintain consistent contact with the RedSoxLife content manager. 
Here's what you need to put together to get started:
  1. Resume
  2. Pick a current Red Sox topic and write on it (250-500 words).
  3. Pitch a weekly segment piece. Something you'd be interested in writing about on a weekly basis besides the daily posts.
Please send all of these items to scott.a.levesque@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from all of you and we're excited to bring more writers onto the RSL team.