3 Stars of the game: Game 31

Well that certainly was not how anyone in the Red Sox organization wanted the series in Texas to go. The Sox dropped all 3 games to the Rangers, who now have allowed St. Louis and Texas to tie them with the best record in the major leagues at 20-11. Starting pitching was not the problem in the last 2 games of this series, the lack of run support was. Here are the 3 stars of the game:

Star 3: David Ortiz
Ortiz was the only Red Sox player that was worthy of earning a star of the game in any game this entire series. In a series that shut down the offense Ortiz performed well and today was a good day for Big Papi. Ortiz went 1-3 today, hitting his 4th home run of the season, a 2 run homer in the 1st inning.
Star 2: Yu Darvish
Darvish was fantastic against the Red Sox minus 2 at bats, the two times that Boston hitters took him deep. Darvish went 7 innings allowing 3 runs on 4 hits. The most impressive stat about Darvish is that he struck out 14 batters. Darvish pitched 7 innings meaning he got 21 outs, 14 of them being strikeouts. That is a 66.66% strikeout percentage of his outs, that is an amazing percentage.
Star 1: Adrian Beltre
Again Beltre killed the Sox offensively. He went 2-5 tonight with 1 run scored and had the walk off game winning RBI in the bottom of the ninth inning. The RBI was Beltre's 16th of the season.

Well the team did not play like one of the best teams in the league this weekend in Texas. If they want to be one of the best teams in baseball they have to beat other teams that want to be the best in baseball and being swept does not help their case. They need to put this in the past quickly and move on to the home stand against the Twins and Blue Jays this week. How do you think the team will do this week? Let me know in the comments section below or on twitter @ryanthahawaiian.