3 Stars of the Game: Game 40

Ryan Macleod
Contributing Writer
The losing streak is over, and its all because the Red Sox bats finally woke up. Well Jon Lester also pitched well but the real reason the Red Sox was their ability to finally produce at the plate. This was a critical win for the team seeing as they will look to win the series tomorrow, something that did not look likely before tonight's game started. Here are your 3 stars of the game:
Star 3: Will Middlebrooks
This star of the game could have gone to almost any member of the Red Sox offense, almost everyone (im looking at you Mr. Shane Victorino) performed well. Middlebrooks went 2-4 on the night and had 1 run scored as well as an RBI. His 8th inning home run was his 7th of the year.
Star 2: Jon Lester
Lester finally joined Clay Buchholz as a member of the 6-0 club in the Red Sox organization this year. Lester pitched 7 strong innings allowing only 2 runs on 8 hits. Lester threw 107 pitches tonight and struck out 5 Rays tonight.
Star 1: Stephen Drew
Drew provided the biggest hit of the game, and capped a huge 3rd inning for the Red Sox. Drew went 2-3 tonight with 4 RBI's and 2 runs scored. He scored the first run in the 3rd inning and scored the last run as well, scoring on a single by Dustin Pedroia and then scoring again after hitting a grand slam.

Im not sure about you but something was a little bit sweeter about this win than most of the other wins the Sox have had this year. Maybe its the fact that they have been slumping so much lately and this win could turn around the whole mood of this ball club. Maybe its the fact that the game was Wednesday Night Baseball on ESPN and the Red Sox just made a statement on national television, or maybe even its the fact that the Yankees lost 12-2 tonight to Seattle, in the Bronx. What made this win so sweet for you? Leave your answer in the comments section below or tell me on twitter @Ryanthahawaiian.