Bleacher Tweets: Will Aceves head west, is Jackie Bradley Jr. coming back and silence of the brass

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Scott Levesque
Managing Editor

We're gearing up for another week of Bleacher Tweets and this time you posed a lot of question regarding the Red Sox organization, future stars and a random chicken or beer question - why can't we have both, seriously. Nevertheless, it's always an entertaining and fun way to kick off the week so let's jump right into your questions. Shall we?

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Seriously, you know you want to...
@LisaLaFreniere1@scottlevesque Do you think BoSox mgmt keeps a "low-pro" after 2012 drama-filled year & their low approval rating?  #BleacherTweets

Since their time at Fort Myers, FL (spring training) we haven't heard much from the Red Sox brass regarding anything of noteworthy news. Honestly, that's probably one of the smartest moves they've made since their purchase of this historic franchise. After the mess that was the 2012 season, Red Sox fans were in no mood to hear the excuses that could've come from Henry or Lucchino.

In all fairness - as Red Sox fans - we tend to see each season as World Series or bust. We have little tolerance for finishing second (to the Evil Empire) and a healthy distain for the AL wild card spot. Yet, there are no excuses for a last place finish during the 2012 season - especially with the roster the Red Sox had. I'd say that's exactly why we haven't heard much from them directly. Out of sight, out of mind.

@Red_Sox_Fan777@scottlevesque Do you think there is any chance the Red Sox will give fewer tickets to agencies and sell them directly #BleacherTweets

That's a possibility but if the Red Sox are making a premium from the sale of tickets to third party resellers then I'd say it's highly unlikely. The Red Sox are in the business of making money and they'll do that any way they can - including ticket sales. If you're looking for a ticket at a decent price then check out our ticket page on RedSoxLife.

@AcieHurl@scottlevesque If Lackey was given an ultimatum to choose between chicken or beer... Which one would he ultimately pick? #BleacherTweets

If this question would've been asked prior to the 2013 season I would've went with chicken, hands down. However, since Lackey came into camp this year lighter, fit and ready to make an impact I'm going to say beer. I don't have a deep personal relationship with the Red Sox pitcher, but it seems like Lackey's a grill-and-chill kind of dude.

Who knows maybe after reading this edition of Bleacher Tweets he'll invite me over to partake in a beer tasting event for his new brewery. What do you say, John?

@dirtywaterrants@scottlevesque Thoughts on Franklin Morales? If healthy soon, do you see him taking Doubront's starting spot? #BleacherTweets

Let me start off by saying this; we are in desperate need of pitching right now. With that said the majority of our needs circulate around the bullpen, and that's exactly why Morales will not contend with Doubront for a starting spot. Morales can be valuable in those long relief situations and has a lot of experience coming out of the pen - Doubront on the other hand, not so much.

If Lester, Buchholz and, now, Lackey can provide solid pitching at the beginning of the Red Sox starting rotation then the pressure on Doubront to deliver at every start will subside. I know that sounds damn near sacrilegious to speak that way but the reality is Doubront is a slumping sophomore at this point. Let's give him time to get back on track, and let's get Morales back in that ailing Red Sox bullpen.

@mybosox3@scottlevesque Do you think we could trade Aceves to LA for anything? #BleacherTweets

One look at this question and it seems like your throwing red meat to starving dogs. It would be easy to slam Aceves right now, but in all reality the troubled Sox pitcher is already in a difficult spot. Now, to your question: Do I think we could trade Aceves to LA for anything? Yes.

The key word in your question is "anything." You could trade any player for anything, but are the Red Sox willing to give Aceves up for a couple of low-end prospects and an aging reliever with an over-priced contract? No. Honestly, they shouldn't either. Aceves - when composed and focused - can be filthy. I'm talking hobo meets trash collector during a rain storm in a muddy field, filthy - OK maybe that analogy went too far. The point being Aceves has the ability to be a difference maker for your team, but you just don't know whether it will be positive or negative.

@eroos722@scottlevesque Who gets called up first, Bradley or Brentz? #BleacherTweets

First, great question. Secondly, it's clear the Red Sox have A LOT of talent coming up through the farm system. Both Brentz and Bradley are evidence of that and, if they continue, they'll be in a Red Sox uniform in no time. To answer your question I believe Jackie Bradley Jr. will be the first to be called up to the Red Sox roster for a couple of reasons.

Bradley has Big League experience as JBJ was listed as the opening day starter this year. He has the ability to get on base even when he's struggling at the plate. Finally his defensive prowess is second-to-none helping add strength to the Red Sox outfield.

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