Buchholz AL pitcher of the month, Jays cry foul

Clay Buchholz was named the AL Pitcher of the Month for April on Thursday. He is 6-0 with a 1.01 ERA and 0.96 WHIP through six starts this season. On Wednesday night, Buchholz confused the Jays bats, allowing just two hits over seven innings while striking out eight and not allowing a run. Buchholz has been clearly dominant and has some questioning his methods. CBS Sports Boston reported today that some folks in Toronto are calling "shenanigans". Wednesday night Dirk Hayhurst, a former MLB pitcher, writer, broadcaster and conspiracy theorist tweeted whether Buchholz was getting the outs on his own or whether he had the help of a foreign substance on his arm.

“Forget the hair, I just saw video of Buchholz loading the ball with some Eddie Harris worthy slick’em painted up his left forearm. Wow,” Hayhurst tweeted on Wednesday night. Hayhurst guessed the substance was Crisco, and that the amount was “substantial.” Sportsnet Toronto published a story on Thursday afternoon with Hayhurt’s comments.

When told of the accusations, Buchholz denied any wrongdoing, telling Evan Drellich of MassLive.com that he applied the rosin bag to his arm and the only liquids on his body are sweat and water.

No doubt Buchholz has been dominant. No doubt he's getting the attention of not only opposing hitters but the baseball conspiracy theorists. When Hayhurst is done making excuses for the Jays and touring Area 51 he might just notice Buchholz has been impressive and the Jays are simply bad.

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