Cliff Lee to the Sox?

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Could the Red Sox make a move for CLiff Lee? That is a possibility, according to WEEI, but only if a number of factors fall into place. I'll admit that the possibility appeals to me, but I wonder what we might have to give up. Jacoby Ellsbury would be a logical choice, since Jackie Bradley Jr. has been called up and he is clearly the future, so that might be one possible trade. The only way I see Jacoby Ellsbury staying is if he doesn't do as well as he had hoped this year and signs a 1-year deal with the Sox for next season. If things continue to get better for Ellsbury, as they have been, I'm sure he'll go where the money is, and that won't necessarily be here. So trading him by the deadline would make sense. But other than that, we might end up having to give up too much. Again, I would love to see Lee in a Red Sox uniform especially if he pitched like he did against us, but according to WEEI, Jon Lester and Clay Bucholz are being thrown around as possible options. That would probably be too much, as they are both potential CY Young candidates.

Maybe they could pull something off with Ryan Dempster or maybe John Lackey, and if so, there would definitely be World Series buzz in Beantown again. Lets think about this for a second - if we throw in Lee with Lester and Bucholz, that might just be the one of the best rotations in the league. But if Lackey and Dempster are consistent and pitch like they can, then we might already have one of the best rotations out there. There are a lot of ifs surrounding a potential trade for Lee, so we shouldn't get any hopes up....yet.

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Conor Frederick
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