Four Real? Four at bats that changed the game. Red Sox vs Rays 5-14-13

Game 39: Sox can't get anything done, lose 5-3.
A Joke. That's what watching this game felt like. That's what this team is right now. Boston, who started off the season with the best record in baseball, has now dropped nine of their last eleven and the entire lineup has gone cold. Tonight's game was ugly all around, from a very eerie fourth inning, to a horrible night of batting for the Red Sox. If there was only a bit of luck to go around Boston, clearly the Bruins got all of it. Here are the four at bats that changed the game:

1) Top of the first inning, and Boston strikes early. With Jacoby Ellsbury on third and Dustin Pedroia on second from a double, David Ortiz takes an inside fastball and pulls it down the line for a hard and long homerun. It is just the first time in three games that the Red Sox record a hit when men in scoring position. The blast is David's 5th homerun of the season and the Red Sox lead 3-0. See the HR here.

2) Bottom of the fourth inning. Sox pitcher John Lackey worked out of trouble in the third inning, and he finds himself in trouble again. Singles by Evan Longoria and James Loney have two men on for Luke Scott. Scott goes with an outside pitch and tries to hold up on his swing but his bat makes contact with the ball. Fortunately for the Rays, Scott's bloop lands near the chalk in left field for a very cheap double. Longoria scores and the Red Sox lead 3-1. Luck just can't go the Red Sox's way.

3) Bottom of the fourth inning, and disaster strikes. With two outs, Matt Joyce skies a ball a mile high and towards first base. Mike Napoli calls for the ball but it lands over his head and rolls near the foul line but stays fair. The embarrassment scores two runs and gives the Rays the lead 5-3. Inning four just did not go Lackey's way.

4) Top of the ninth and the Red Sox have their last chance to come back. Francisco Rodney is pitching, and he is throwing darts. The Sox have no chance as Rodney strikes out all three batters he faces and the Sox, who managed just one hit in innings 2-9, leave Tropicana Field with their tails between the legs. This game better be the all-time low for them, or this season will be a nightmare.
John Lester looks to right the ship tomorrow at 7pm in Florida.

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