Four Real? Four at bats that changed the game. Red Sox vs Twins 5-17-13

Game 42: Sox win in extras, 3-2.
The Red Sox had many opportunities to put this game away, but when Boston put men on base, they just could not get the runs home. Dustin Pedroia grounded into two double plays and the Red Sox left 11 men on base and only went 2-10 with men in scoring position, but they got it done in extra innings off of a sacrifice fly, and as long as you score more runs than the opponent, you win games! Here are the four at bats that changed the game:

1) Top of the first inning, and the Red Sox use an error to score early. Facing Vance Worley, Daniel Nava hits a ball to the second baseman, Brian Dozier. Because of where it is hit, Nava will easily beat out the throw, but Dozier chucks it anyways, and he throws in away to put Nava at second. Later, David Ortiz singles to right field to score Nava. 1-0 Red Sox.

2) Bottom of the third inning, and Clay Buchholz is dealing. After striking out five in a row in the first and second innings, the third inning starts a bit differently. Trevor Plouffe doubles and Pedro Florimon takes a 78 mph curveball into the stands right near the right field line to put the Twins in the lead 2-1.

3) Bottom of the fifth inning, and Minnesota is looking to add to their lead. They have the bases loaded on a walk and two singles, but Clay Buchholz does not break under the pressure. He attacks Josh Willingham, getting a gift of a call on a high strike, but then paints the corner low on strike three and it freezes Willingham. Justin Mourneau then pops up a weak ball to left field and the Sox get out unscathed. 2-1 Twins.

4) Top of the tenth inning, and as bad as Pedroia has been tonight, he leads off the inning with a single. David Ortiz walks, Will Middlebrooks bunts them to third, and then Jonny Gomes skies a deep popup to left field. The outfielders both go for the ball, and when it is finally caught by Aaron Hicks, he double clutches and throws wide. Pedroia scores and the Red Sox lead 3-2.

Koji Uehara makes quick work of the Twins in the 10th for a save, and when it's all done, the Red Sox retire 17 Twins in a row. It was great to see another pitching performance by Clay Buchholz, and the bullpen was awesome, not giving up any hits in three innings of relief.
Tomorrow, Ryan Dempster faces Scott Diamond at 7pm in Minnesota.

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