Iron Man 4 starring Dustin Pedroia

Sean Riley, contributing writer

The Red Sox have played 49 games so far this season, and John Farrell could have made 49 copies of his lineup card with Dustin Pedroia starting at 2nd and hitting in the 3 hole. To call Pedroia the iron man of this team is almost an insult because he has gone above and beyond that. There is no other player in the MLB who has also played in every game this season which goes to show how valuable he is. Sounds simple enough to say he needs a day off but manager John Farrell will agree to disagree.
"I'll probably look [for a day off for him] and he'll probably continue to be in the lineup," Farrell said. "As we know, he's not a guy that's looking to come out of the lineup. Whether it's 162, there may be a time along the way where we give him a break, but right now he's still going strong."

The Laser Show has been in full effect this season with Pedroia off to one of his best starts for the Red Sox. Hitting at a .333 average, 7th in the AL, Pedroia has reached base in all but 5 games this year which posts him at a .418 on-base percentage good for 3rd in the AL. His defensive at second has been stellar also, just the regular all-star gold glove winning second baseman we are used to seeing here in Boston.

As much as fans respect the fact that Pedroia has not sat out yet this year, eventually John Farrell will need to spell him some rest throughout the season. To play the first 150 games of the season would be quite an accomplishment, but if that brings him to missing October then we have a problem. On behalf of all Red Sox fans, thank you Dustin for playing as hard as you do day in and night out, but please get some rest we need you to bring another pennant home to Boston.