Jacoby the Cub?

With free agency looming over Jacoby Ellsbury as he plays out the last year of his contract, the idea that he could walk away from the Red Sox is becoming increasingly possible. While GM Ben Cherington is trying to steer away from the big-money contracts, Jacoby's agent Scott Boras is notorious for establishing these types of deals. Will these two sides clash if/when Ellsbury and the Sox sit down to negotiate? Seems likely.

Apparently multiple very credible sources around the league have revealed that the Chicago Cubs will set their sights on the outfielder. David Kaplan of CSNChicago says that Jacoby could even sit "at the top of their wish list". It would not be shocking if Cubs GM Theo Epstein is able to lure his former prized player with big bucks.

Along with the Red Sox and Cubs, The Bleacher Report lists the following teams as candidates for the former AL MVP Runner Up: New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers. I just want to throw my two cents in real quick, do not be surprised if the Yankees throw themselves into the mix as well. What exactly will Jacoby's team be getting? Well it's a toss-up between the MVP candidate and the injury-plagued outfielder.

Anthony Aidonidis