Jonny Gomes Lays Out, Big Time

Jonny Gomes Lays Out Against Houston

Jonny Gomes can lay out. And he will lay out when he can. Last night was his second lay out catch to go with the one against Houston in April. The one in Houston was probably the more impressive because it was more of a line drive. Not to take anything away from this one, though. They were both amazing lay out grabs. It's just a shame that this one had to go to waste, as the Red Sox lost. Again.

All kidding aside, we need guys like Gomes making big plays like this, even if we lose. It is nice to have a guy that will make a bid and put his body on the line, no matter what. Those types of players are generally gonna make a lot of friends here, because that's what Boston sports is about. I also tend to take a liking to players like Gomes because of their work ethic.

Ultimately, how far we go will depend on two main factors: cashing in on offense and our defense. That's why Gomes is so critical to our success this year. He's proved he can do it on both sides of the ball, and he epitomizes what the Red Sox should strive to be: A team that leaves it all on the field. Keep it up, Jonny. We're going to need you going forward, buddy. As always, feel free to tweet me @ConorJF1016 or leave a comment.

Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer