Nava: One of the Big Boys

This year has been a coming out party for Daniel Nava, so to speak. He's established himself this year as a reliable player. According to, he's started 43 of 54 games and has a .288 average with 7 home runs, 33 RBI's, and a OPS of .867. Pretty impressive if you ask me. He's been good all year and he's come up with a couple big home runs. I think most people were impressed when he came up and hit a grand slam in his first at bat in the Majors. I don't think anyone thought he would be another Jacoby Ellsbury, who came up to the Majors and made an immediate impact, but I think most people were saying, "Eventually this kid is going to be good. Maybe in a year or two, he'll be a regular starter." I know I was thinking it, or some variation of it. He's definitely come a long way since hitting that grand slam, and I don't think anyone would argue that he deserves to be a regular starter. The only question is what will the Red Sox do once Shane Victorino is healthy again. Jonny Gomes has been brilliant defensively, but he's been struggling somewhat offensively. Maybe his home run last night will spark him at the plate. Of course the question also has to be asked if Victorino will even be consistently healthy. In which case, it will put to rest any issues concerning Nava's playing time. At least, I hope nothing seriously affects his playing time. I happen to like the guy. He's been silently establishing himself as one of our most consistent players and he's been solid on both sides of the ball. If he keeps playing the way he has, he could hit 20 home runs and potentially being in contention for a Gold Glove.

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Conor Frederick 
Contributing Writer