New Year, Better Closers

The Sox are a much different team from the train wreck of a team last year. Want proof? Look at the closers. Andrew Baily has been 5 for his last 5 in save opportunities, according to the Herald. But Bailey wasn't even the team plans as a closer when they got Joel Hanrahan in December, according to the Herald, but he was called into action as a closer after Hanrahan went down with a hamstring injury. Both players seem willing to take one for the team, though. Andrew Bailey was willing to defer to Hanrahan when he was brought on board and now Hanrahan has professed his willingness to take a back seat to Bailey, according to the Herald. This attitude is going to be crucial going forward. I can't stress the importance of team chemistry enough. Chemistry is ultimately what will decide if we will be successful this year. Team chemistry, or lack thereof, was a decisive factor in the disaster that was last season. And, of course the importance of having a reliable closer is key. Just look at what happened from 2003 - 04. In 2003, we were an inch of getting to the World Series, but our lack of a good closer is what did us in. In 2004, we brought in Keith Foulke and look what happened - we broke the dreaded "Curse of the Bambino." And lest we forget the brilliance of Jonathan Papelbon in 2007. So, having a good closer that you can rely on in tight games can win championships, plain and simple. And so can team chemistry. Tweet me @ConorJF1016 with any questions, comments, or concerns, or just to talk Sox.