Papi weighs in on Buchholz

Sam Galanis
Contributing Writer

David Ortiz has been with the Red Sox for all the ups and downs of the past ten years. He helped the Sox win two World Series. He suffered through the 2003 ALCS, the 2011 September collapse, the beer and chicken fiasco, and Bobby Valentine's managing.

With everything that he's done for the team, his opinion really matters. He's like an unofficial team leader. So naturally, he was asked about the Clay Buchholz spitball controversy. And his answer was as colorful as always.

"Who cares?" Ortiz said Thursday. "Everybody puts (stuff) on the ball everywhere in the (expletive) league. You think I care when a guy is throwing like this? I don't care. That's a sorry-ass excuse."

Well then. Papi has spoken. And you know what? If he doesn't care, no one else should either. He's seen more time in the league than most, and he knows how the lay of the land. If what he says is true, it seems as if he's insinuating that substances wouldn't necessarily help a pitcher be as good as Buchholz is right now. So why would someone like Buchholz bother? Regardless, it's nice to know Ortiz isn't worried.