Ready to help a frustrated fan?

Maybe we should get out the violins and play 'Cry me a river' for Dirk Hayhurst and the Toronto Blue Jays?

As the Toronto Blue Jays were getting schooled by Clay Buchholz yesterday in another great performance, local media personality and major league relief pitcher Dirk Hayhurst was moaning on twitter.

It is pretty obvious why he was doing this. If you are watching the spending and acquisitions that have taken place in the off season by the Toronto Blue Jays while they are starting off so badly. It is hard watching the salaries give to players like knuckleballer R.A. Dickey (2-4), who was amazing last year, and then see the teams performance go into the tank with that kind of talent.

It must be immensely frustrating to see them on their current 10-19 win loss skid. So frustrating that the only outlet for Dirk Hayhurst was twitter:

It did not stop there, as the Red Sox opened another can of whooping on the Blue Jays, Dirk Hayhurst continued to spout his theories on pitching techniques that he must know oh so much about given his experiences as a major league pitcher:

Now I am a fan of Dirk Hayhurst as a writer, have read his books on what it is like to become a major league relief pitcher, but I would expect more from him than these cheap shots. Maybe he just needs more twitter followers so he stirs up the pot by calling foul on Clay Buchholz?

I guess Dirk Hayhurst was just as bored as the rest of the Blue Jay fan base as he watched Mike Napoli unload a bomb into the outfield hotel restaurant:

Take off the blinders
If he would have paid attention a bit closer to the game, he would see Clay Buchholz, along with many other pitchers, was patting his forearm with the rosin bag at the end of his warm up pitches each inning. It is his normal ritual, nothing illegal here.

The wet hair has been extensively televised over the last few starts, as they zoom into the dugout and we get to watch how Clay Buchholz pours a complete water bottle over his head and wrings out his hair before heading back to the mound. There is more substance to sweat than water if you ask me, so why the big epic attempt to discredit a 6-0 pitcher?

We can help
I feel your pain Mr. Hayhurst, we Red Sox fans feel your pain. Remember we are from the Red Sox Nation, we know what losing was like. Here is some free advice, you need to learn to accept your team as the disappointment it has been and spend your energies in cheering harder to turn them around. Support your team, don't cry 'cheat' on the other teams you play. It makes you look petty.

As for you Red Sox fans, here is my call to action. Let's all go to Mr. Hayhurst's twitter account (@TheGarfoose) and post a positive cheer he can use for his Toronto Blue Jays. We can tag these #goredsox just to make him aware that we are magnanimous in our winning as well as in defeat.

I have taken the first step:

Are you with me Red Sox Nation?

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