Sox "focused" during delay: Tarp slides!

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The Red Sox and Twins went into a rain delay at 4:30 yesterday afternoon with the Red Sox leading 3-1 in the bottom of the seventh as they looked to sweep the Twinkies in the Twin Cities.

Three hours later, after a Bruins win, a viewing of The Sandlot and Hall of Fame "hitting tips" from Jim Rice on NESN that included using "mom's broom" to hit "bottle tops" on the "railroad tracks", the Sox returned to the field focused and finished off the Twins 5-1. 

So, what's a professional baseball player do exactly while waiting around for the longest delay in Twins history to end?

"Watched 'The Sandlot'", John Lackey said. "Hadn't seen that in a while, so that was solid." Solid? Sure Lackey has changed a lot, but has he suddenly transformed into Shaft? Who says solid? Maybe Jim Rice does as he hits bottle caps down on the tracks. "That was solid contact. Hey, what's that light?"

Shane Victorino was up for a little on-field fun.

First baseman Mike Napoli admitted he took a nap, "Yeah, actually fell asleep for about 20 minutes." Isn't he cute curled up on the floor with his "blankie"? Ssshhhh, don't wake him.

In no mood for tarp sliding, maybe David Ortiz needed a nap. Big Papi was getting a little cranky as the delay dragged on.

And ADD poster child Dustin Pedroia said, "We just walked around and hung out."

Sounds so relaxing Dusty. I imagine it more like Pedroia running manic through the clubhouse like your eight year old nephew on Mountain Dew and leftover Halloween candy pulling on Farrell's pant leg every five minutes, "Can we play yet Skip can we can we?"

Apparently this team is more focused than we think. While some managers might fret about players maintaining it, movie or no movie, tweets or no tweets, John Farrell said, "Keeping this group focused, I'm not going to say is not an issue, but the game is clearly a priority to them. Even with a three-hour rain delay, they're rarin' to go. They love the game. They love to play it."

It may have taken longer than planned, but the Red Sox won their fifth straight and are just a half game behind the first place Yankees. The Red Sox are in Chicago tonight. The weather forecast? Cloudy with...wait for it...a chance of thundershowers. Come on!

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