The Brilliance of Jon Lester

Lester's brilliance will hopefully provide a spark.
Jon Lester was brilliant when we needed him the most. Lester was one hit away from throwing a perfect game tonight, as the team picked up a much needed win. More importantly, Lester's brilliance was a huge morale boost to a struggling team that allowed a battered bullpen some much needed rest. But probably most important was the fact that we won. Let's face it, this has not been a pleasant last week, having lost six of seven. I can't stress the importance of what Lester did enough, not only for the bullpen, but for the offense as well. The offense took too long to get going, and the result was a 1 - 0 game until the 7th, when the bats finally broke the game opened and built a 5 - 0 lead. Lester never looked back and did what the Bruin's couldn't do and finish off their Toronto - based opponents. Hopefully this will be a spark to the rest of the staff, and the rest of the team. This is a good starting point to snap us out of our funk and turn things around. But Jon Lester said it best when he was talking about how long this season is. We'll have a few more of these skids, and when we do, we'll need performances like this to turn things around. Jon, all of Red Sox Nation salutes you.

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Conor Frederick, Contributing Writer