The "What Ifs" of the Sox-Rangers series

Sam Galanis
Contributing Writer

With one game left in the series with the Texas Rangers, the Red Sox are in some hot water. Two games down, they’ve already lost the series, and they’re at risk of being swept. Luckily for the Sox, there isn’t too much to lose as far as the standings go. But they’re in danger of losing morale.

Losing this afternoon would give the Rangers a shot at holding the title for best team in the league. Their record would be tied with the Sox at 20-11. The St. Louis Cardinals would also have the same record with a win today. The Sox position in the AL East would still be safe even if the Yankees win, but it would put the Yanks within half a game of the top spot.

As far as numbers go, a loss today is something that the Sox could still come back from. But being swept is never good for a team. People would be talking. A lot. And the team would have to overcome all the noise. Everyone has already been saying that the Sox have their position from only playing “easy” teams, and losing would only intensify that. They would probably say we’re in a slump even though it would only be a three-game losing streak.

Basically, the Sox can’t lose. They’ve already been outhit 12-1, and for a team whose pitching has been spot on with the offense to match, that’s not a good display of who they really are as a team. But with a Jon Lester-Yu Darvish pitching matchup, winning won’t be easy, and it will most likely come down to which team can be the most clutch with their bats.

The Red Sox just need to keep in mind that this is only their third series loss of the season, and that they’re still winning a lot of games against AL East teams, which is what really matters. Win or lose today, they need to put this Rangers series behind them.