Time to Kick the Tires on Brian Wilson?

Why the hell not? The Red Sox bullpen which was supposed to be a strength is depleted to say the least. Opening Day closer Joel Hanrahan had his MRI sent to Dr. Andrews in Birmingham and has been immediately placed on the 60 Day DL; I would be shocked if he ever wears a Red Sox uniform again. Andrew Bailey's injury is by all indications less severe, but with his injury history he can't exactly be counted
The flamboyant Wilson would fit in with
this club.
on. That's part of the reason why the Red Sox traded for Hanrahan in the first place.

Brian Wilson was an all-star as recently as 2011. If you watched MLB Network at all that season you were likely inundated by commercials featuring him and his beard. Wilson is a New Hampshire native and would not be the first New Englander to sign with the Red Sox to try and prolong his career. All indications are that Wilson should be ready to sign somewhere soon as he recovers from Tommy John surgery. A Google News search for "Brian Wilson Baseball" still yields nothing in the way of news.

The lack of news, interest, or buzz is curious. If that means Wilson can be had for a minor league deal then there really is no reason not to give him a shot. At this rate, Koji Uehara and his giant glove will not be able to comb his hair by the end of the season, and Junichi Tazawa has been ridden harder. If Wilson is healthy enough to pitch, he can help this team. Hell, Ryan Madson and Papa Grande have jobs already, why not Wilson.