We miss you Jenny Dell

Ryan MacLeod
Contributing Writer

During the last year its been customary to flip on a Red Sox game and see the NESN team of Don Orsillo, Jerry Remy and Jenny Dell, but recently we have only had Remy and Orsillo. So with the absence of Dell, it brings up the question of where is she? Well if you follow her on twitter you would see that her brother is getting married and that she will be rejoining the team on Thursday of this week, for the series against the Indians. Tweet below:

Now let me ask, what is up with all this outcry and over-hyped news of another website saying that she in uncomfortable with her partners in the broadcast team? Personally if Jenny does feel this, let her deal with it, us fans and internet writers have no business analyzing what is going on. We know Dell as the sideline reporter that has tons of knowledge about baseball.
Lets also look at what Dell has done for the community, she was such a large supporter of the Red Sox Run to Home Base. She and Tom Caron ran in the race, a 9k and both raised a large amount of money. Dell ended up raising over $4.5K all for military veterans that need medical help.
Look, Jenny Dell is working hard with NESN and the Red Sox. Sometimes people need time off of work, and Dell is taking the time off of work to spend time with her family, celebrating a wedding. This should be a happy time for her, not a time where she is criticized for not being on the sidelines of the Sox games.

Let me know what you think in the comments below about Dell missing time for personal reasons. Or tell me on twitter @RyanThahawaiian.