Where in the world is Jenny Dell?

Sean Riley, contributing writer

I'm a man and I think all the male Red Sox fans out there will agree with my frustration with Jenny Dell this season. Lets be clear, I'm not hating on Jamie Erdahl, Jenny's replacement, but when Don & Jerry kick it to the field reporter I want J-Dell. Everyone's busy and have other things going on in their lives I get that. But it's her job to be on the field and make all the men in New England smile an tell everyone to be quiet when Jenny appears. Frustration is an understatement, I'm disappointed and am on the verge of getting in touch with NESN to voice my complaint. Jenny Dell's predecessor, Heidi Watney, was an absolute blonde bombshell, pretty flakey but even she was on the field for about 90% of the games. We're only a quarter through the season and Jenny has missed quite a few already. Even my ten year old cousin is upset when she misses a game so I know I'm not in the wrong here.

Barstoolsports.com has recently posted this picture of Dell sitting on Jerry Remy's lap. Now I'm not saying there is anything going on there because that doesn't sit well with me and frankly if there was it gives hope to all of Red Sox nation. Who know's maybe Rem-dawg creeped Jenny out and that's why she's been staying away from some of the games. This is all speculation of course, but my bottom line is we deserve a hottie who is going to be on the field day in and day out. Not be flakey like Jenny Dell, hopefully she's just in a little bit of a sophomore slump right now but she better wake up and step up. I know this has been more of a rant than anything else but I know i'm not the only one who feels this way. Share your feelings on Jenny Dell and we'll contact NESN to get this straightened out once and for all.