A Picture is Worth A Lot More Than a Home Run for Carp

Photo from Mike Carp
Ask Mike Carp what made this weekend special and he'll give you a different answer then you might expect. He won't say it was hitting a 2-run home run or going 6 - 18 on the road trip, according to WEEI. He'll tell you that recieving a picture of his 10-month old daughter recognizing him on TV on Father's Day (shown here on the left) was the best thing this weekend, according to WEEI.

Carp has plenty to remember on the field, aside from the home run over the weekend. He has 8 homers this season, a .320 average, and a 1.051 slugging percentage in 41 games this year according to WEEI. But this is one thing that he'll always remember on his first Father's Day and something to remind his daughter of when she gets older. It's always great to see something like this because it reminds us that these guys are human beings before they are baseball players and go through the same things the rest of us go through.

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Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer