Bouncing back

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

The start to his season was not all that he thought it would be.

Felix Doubront was having trouble keeping the ball over the plate and control was an issue. He was roughed up in Texas last month for 6 runs on 12 hits, then in his following appearance he allowed the Twins to plate 6 on 11 hits.

So what has changed so suddenly since then?

In the words of John Farrell, " He has attacked the strike zone...". This is the key, as you have to force the opposing team to beat you. If you can't stay in the strike zone as a pitcher you will beat yourself.

It is as simple as that.

With more life and movement on his pitches, Felix Doubront has the confidence to now make the opposing hitters beat him. It shows in a better strikeout rate over the last two appearances on the mound.

The only thing left to do is pray for dry weather in Boston as Fenway rained out on his start last night. This has been pushed back to Saturday, first pitch 12:05 PM against the Angels.

I think he has figured it out and is ready to go 7 innings tonight by continuing to challenge hitters. What do you think? Will he continue this upward trend? Is Felix Doubront bouncing back?

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