BREAKING: Red Sox tab Koji to close...for now

The Guru
Contributing Writer

Let the high fives begin.

The Red Sox wasted no time in giving Andrew Bailey the boot after he blew another save last night. Manager John Farrell will hand the ball in the ninth inning to Koji Uehara. For the time being.

Uehara has a 2.17 ERA in 29 appearances this year. Koji has been effective against both righties (.229 average) and lefties (.140 average) this season. Uehara does have some experience closings games. With the Orioles in 2010, Uehara went 13-for-15 in save chances.

Durability may be a concern. The 38-year-old Uehara has been rarely used in back-to-back games and is on pace for a career high 67 appearances.

Uehara said of the decision, "I'm not going to change anything. It's just something that we stayed away from, but I'm completely fine with (pitching back-to-back days). I'm going to do my best and just go about my business.''

Keep in mind, however, Farrell hasn't officially named Uehara the full-time closer. Farrell did say that the biggest factor in choosing Uehara over Junichi Tazawa or Andrew Miller was his previous closer experience in Japan and Baltimore.

It's Koji high fives for now, but wasn't Keith Foulke spotted at Fenway last week?

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