Bring on the big K

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Again we are sitting on the couch, watching a great pitching performance by a Red Sox starter being given over to the closer.

We have our fingers crossed.

Lately that is not enough, so we have our arms and legs crossed too.

We have our hands in front of our face, afraid to watch as Felix Dubront turns over the ball after blanking the Rays for 8 innings.

Why is the manager pulling Felix Dubront with only 93 pitches and working on a full game shutout?

Cue the doom music...

It took only 2 pitches for Andrew Bailey to give up a homer to the first batter he faced, on a pitch right down the middle of the plate.

In a post game interview he says, "...I'm throwing the ball down the middle, I've just got to keep grinding through it and focus a little more."

I seem to remember talking about focus earlier this week.

He has given up at least, listen carefully to that... at least one run in 3 of his last 4 appearances.

We have finally reached Closerpocalypse.

It is now time to consider the options discussed previously by the above linked articles. I for one and hoping that the Red Sox can trade for a decent closer, though I don't want to see Jonathan Papelbon back here. I don't think he would do the team atmosphere any good.

I want to see a closer rotation, with Koji Uehara being the top choice to lead the charge in the 9th inning, backed up by the likes of Junichi Tazawa and Andrew Miller.

Based on my visit to Fenway last week, Koji Uehara has the fan support needed to pump him up for a few 9th inning appearances.

Time for the big K? What do you think?

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