Craig Breslow, a role model off the mound

Sam Galanis
Contributing Writer

Craig Breslow isn’t just a solid reliever for the Sox, but he’s a great guy as well. Breslow sat down in Baltimore to answer questions from little leaguers from Avon, Conn. and NESN’s Tom Caron. Being a Yale alum, Breslow is very eloquent and offered the kids advice on education and sports.

“It seems like today there’s so much pressure on kids to specialize in one sport at such an early age,” Breslow said to the kids. “My recommendation would be to play as many sports as you can for as long as you can because there are skills you can learn in other sports than baseball that’ll help you on a baseball field and vice versa. You can be exposed to different people and different experiences and it can be a great thing in shaping your childhood.”

Breslow said he played soccer and basketball along with baseball when he was young. He also stressed the importance of staying in school over going right into sports. It’s refreshing to hear an athlete acting like a good role model, so check out the rest of the video from NESN here:

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