Don't do that again, Farrell

Ben Whitehead
Contributing Writer

Jonny Gomes just took Red Sox Nation from pissed to jubilation in about 3.5 seconds. Maybe it was supposed to happen. But it shouldn’t have happened.

Felix Doubront was masterful. He threw 93 pitches in eight shutout innings against the Rays at Fenway Park. There aren’t many pitches who can claim that. He retired the last 17-in-a-row that he faced. It was his best outing of his career, bar none.

But John Farrell chose to go to his “closer” Andrew Bailey in the ninth. On his second pitch, he gave up a game-tying home run to Kelly Johnson. 1-1. Doubront went from sure winner to extremely hard luck no-decision.

I’d be pissed. I’d still be in my manager’s office and security might have to throw me out, if I were Doubront. I threw 93 pitches in eight innings, had a shutout going and pitched the game of my life, and YOU pulled me for a closer that is an inconsistent as they come? Two saves in his last four opportunities, five earned runs in four innings? Nuh uh.

Yea, the Red Sox won. Good. They deserved to win that game. But so did Doubront. That was HIS game. And his no-decision falls solely on Farrell.

Don’t get me started on the fact that Bailey gets the win. Ridiculous.

If I were Doubront, I’d be livid. I don’t care how many pitches I’m throwing in my next start, I’m not handing the ball to Farrell if he comes to get me. You took this win from me. And you deserve to know how I feel.

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