Farrell Sticking by Webster

Photo Courtesy of the Herald
John Farrell is standing by Allen Webster, telling the Boston Herald that "There's going to be growing pains." Like I said in my article a couple of days ago on Webster, going against a very good Detroit Tiger lineup is tough in your second major league start. He did show some promise in his last start. His change up was working well for him, and he recorded 21 swings and misses in his outing. Webster clearly shows a lot of promise, and I think Farrell is right to stick by him. He's still young and his sample size is too small to make any clear cut judgements on Webster. You could come to a verdict, but he's only made 3 major league starts so far, so it's probably better to wait and see.

He could start again against the Blue Jays, who are red-hot right now, but Farrell has talked about his other options, according to the Herald. Alfredo Aceves and Rubby De La Rosa have both been mentioned by Farrell, according to the Herald. Yes, Webster is young (he's only 23), but it might be a good idea to let him pitch in Pawtucket for the forseeable future to build his stuff up and use Aceves against the Jays. Aceves has only given up 3 runs in his last 3 starts according to the Herald, so he would be the best option to make the spot start, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I like Webster and I give Farrell credit for standing by him, but he needs to develop his stuff more before he has a shot to break into the Red Sox rotation.

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Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer