Jon Lester update

Sean Riley
Contributing Writer

Red Sox fans, take a deep breath in..hold it...hold it..okay now exhale. Jon Lester is expected to make his next scheduled start on Wednesday against the San Diego Padres.
"We fully expect him to be on the mound against San Diego next week," Farrell said.
I know I'm relieved and i'm almost certain all of Red Sox nation is with me. With Clay Buchholz on the DL an not much positivity in regards to him returning before the All-Star break, the last thing Boston needed was for Jon Lester to be hurting as well.

In the 8th inning Thursday night against Toronto Lester came up lame after jamming his hip on a pitch.
“I slipped a little bit,” he said Thursday. “I guess the doctors were kind of calling it a little jammed hip, type of zinging sensation down my leg. Something I’ve had before in years past, on particular nights when you slip or over-stride. But this was a little bit different, and then obviously the part of the game that we were in, no point to really mess around with it at that particular juncture of the game.
Lester was not concerned about having to miss any time after coming off the field with the trainers on Thursday, but that's not to say fans and Red Sox coaching staff weren't a little worried. Boston has an off day on Monday giving Lester an extra day of rest before making his scheduled start Wednesday. Given Lester will not suffer any setbacks with his hip he will look for another quality start against the Padres after throwing probably his best game in the past month. Boston really needs their big lefty to keep them going while Buchholz continues to rehab, and frankly I need him to earn me some fantasy points to get me out of my league's basement. Moving forward any set backs or updates on Lester's hip we will bring them to you as soon as they are put out there for us, but expect to see Jon Lester on the mound Wednesday in Fenway Park.