Jonny Gomes takes tough questions from kids

Photo courtesy of NESN
Jonny Gomes was on NESN's hot seat today, as he answered tough questions from kids on a range of topics. Questions ranged from his favorite dance moves to whether he preferred Boston or Oakland and a number of others. Catch the full video here:

Gomes gave some pretty good answers to some good questions from kids throughout New England. A cynic might tell you "It's all PR," or whatever they might say, and they might have a point to some extent. Obviously, you want the players to give off positive vibes, but remember that they don't necessarily have to take the time out to do this. They can always say, "Well I'm too busy working on my swing." Or something along those lines. It's always nice to know that these guys don't mind taking a couple minutes to answer these questions. And Gomes gave some good answers, too. I liked "The Shopping Cart" dance move he busted out and his answer to the question "What did you want to be when you grow up?" These things are fun to watch because some of the questions are out there and the players handle them well. There most likely is some PR aspect to it, but Gomes seemed to be into it as far as I could tell. I feel like sometimes we forget these guys are human, and these things remind us of that.

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Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer