Last Night Was Rough and it's Not Gonna Get Easier

Photo Courtesy of NESN
As much as I hate the Yankees, I have to give them their due. They shut us down last night. Or more specifically, CC Sabathia shut us down. He was nothing short of brilliant last night. He is a legitimate ace and he pitched like one last night. Trust me, it pains me a lot to type these words, but I give respect where it's due, and Sabathia earned my respect (at least for now). And it won't get any easier for us. We still have 2 more games against the Yankees, then our schedule looks like this: We go home to play Texas and Anaheim (not calling them LA; they were Anaheim when I started to watch baseball, so I still call them Anaheim). After that we go to Tampa Bay and Baltimore, then Tampa at home, then to Detroit. That's tough, and we'll need better pitching than Lester last night.

It's very difficult to get anything off of aces like Sabathia, so our pitchers have to raise their game when we face top pitchers. We also need that spark at the top of the lineup that Jacoby Ellsbury provides. Ellsbury was a late scratch according to NESN, so last night had nothing to do with him. When one of your key players goes down, it's up to the rest of the lineup to adjust. It's hard, but necessary if you want to beat a pitcher like Sabathia. Granted, you also need your pitcher to match the other guy pitch for pitch, and Lester didn't do that.

Long story short, we'll need to play better if we want to make it through this stretch. I think we will be successful and if we make it through this stretch in a similar position to now, then we will be well poised to make a deep run.

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Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer