Overseas Fan - catching a game in person

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

In the previous article in this series, we looked at the effort and difficulties the Overseas Fan has keeping up to date with the Red Sox while overseas.

I wanted to share what it is like to make the journey to Fenway for a Red Sox game from so very far away.

It is not a matter of just showing up, scoring a ticket and we are there, oh no.... this takes planning and it can come close to the logistical nightmares you might encounter when NASA plans a trip to the ISS.

First off we need to score tickets. 

This is not something that can be left to chance by hoping someone at the gate or prowling Fenway will have tickets I want and can afford. For this trip  I locked down tickets in December through an auction site. The official Red Sox ticket sales did not have outfield seats by the bullpen, my favorite seats in the park. A few rows up from the Red Sox bullpen so you hear the crack of the mitt as pitchers are warming up. 

Packing is hard for these trips. 

Not only is there a business aspect to the clothing that needs to go with me, but there is the critical aspect of Red Sox fan gear. At the very least a baseball hat and jersey have to fit. After that things like deodorant and toothpaste are just a bonus. 

The flight and work make getting over jet-lag a real issue. Also not always able to catch a game later in the trip, once heading straight to hotel and then Fenway from Logan airport. That was a tough game!

In the end, no matter how much work it is to get there, Fenway is always worth it. 

No place on Earth like it.

So look for me, the Overseas Fan, next Sunday in the bleechers behind the bullpen. I will be the guy with glazed over eyes, a stupid grin on his face, and wearing a Red Sox hat. 

Now all that is left to do as I am about to board my plane in Europe as I write this, is to pray for no rainouts. 

That would break my heart. 

PS. I mentioned last time I wanted to share some of your stories, well I have been contacted by a few people via twitter, so I will collect these for a future article in this series. I have been in touch with an Overseas Fan from France, Australia, and Japan. Please, poke me with your stories via twitter?

Post a comment or via twitter @ericschabell with your answer to the above questions to become a part of the Overseas Fan story.

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