Pap blows another save, so is he really the answer?

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Jonathan Papelbon blew a save against San Diego in what CSN Philadelphia is calling the worst loss of the season. So lets take a second and ask ourselves this question: Do we really want him as our closer? I say no for a couple of reasons.

For one, think of what we would have to give up. If we want an established pitcher like Pap, then I'm sure Philadelphia would want prospects in return, such as Xander Bogaert, just to name one. There are others that I'm sure the Phillies would want in return for Pap. And the Red Sox have made pretty clear that they are reluctant to break up the future of the organization. So it all begs the question: is a reunion with Pap really worth trading away the future to win this year? No, I say. We can't trade away success in the future for success this year, at least in my mind.

Reason 2 - He is signed through 2015, so even if the Phillies don't pick apart the future of our organization, they'll want us to pick up the rest of his contract, much like we did with the Dogders when we sent Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Adrian Gonzalez out west last year. If we come calling to make a deal, most likely the Phillies will try to get a couple of prospects out of it AND they'll try and push his contract on us. So, ask yourselves - is that really worth it? I personally don't think so.

And last but not least - 4 blown saves in 8 days, according to CSN Philly. That speaks for itself, I think. Maybe if he would come back here, something would click and he would be the closer we knew and loved when he was here. The other counter to this would be we haven't had a closer since he left, but he comes with a lot of risk. 4 blown saves in 8 days is not good. He's clearly not the same closer he was with us, so do we really want to take a chance on him being the closer he used to be?

I personally think it's too much of a risk. He was great with us while he was here, but he's not the same pitcher this season, plus he's not getting any younger at 32 years of age. We'd also have to give up a lot, both financially and in prospects that represent the future of Red Sox for a guy that has had his struggles this season. Pap was great for us, and maybe he would be again, but it would be good to think through what we'd have to give up to get him.

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Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer