Red Sox rotation starting to crack

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

Early in the season the Red Sox staring rotation was firing on all cylinders, winning games and producing quality starts.

There were a few bumps on the way that saw the Red Sox bullpen step up and turn in quality support. There were some good improvements made by Felix Doubront as he bounced back from earlier control issues.

But then the closer issues reared their heads again, with Andrew Bailey taking over for an injured Joel Hannarahan, but that did not go very well. This has cost the Red Sox a few games lately, 3-4 by my count.

While the bullpen has been able to shore up the back end of the games, relatively speaking, they can't be filling up the middle of the games as the starting rotation is showing signs of the seasons strain.

Clay Buchholz has a lingering neck issue that has put him on the disabled list.

Today or tomorrow, Franklin Morales who exited Sunday from his start with a recurrence of his left pectoral muscle issues, will also be put on the disabled list. He only made it back from his previous stint for a month.

It is a lot to ask for rookie starter Allen Webster to fill these shoes. He will try, but that is a serious sign of depth issues in the starting rotation. There are a few, plug the holes types of call ups you might see the Red Sox using again to try and fill the gaps, but we need Clay Buchholz back in a hurry.

I think we will have to hope Alfredo Aceves can continue to provide quality starts and maybe we might even see the knuckleball back in Fenway if they want to give Steven Wright a try. The other option is a trade for some starting pitching.

I am voting to give the last two guys a chance to shine, how about you?

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