RemDawg set to return to booth next week

Sam Galanis
Contributing Writer

If you’ve missed Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy’s antics as much as I have, then you’ll be happy to know that RemDawg will be back in the booth next week. This is what he tweeted this evening:

Remy has been out since May 28 due to pneumonia. He had originally said he would miss three games due to allergies, but followed up with a tweet about his pneumonia on June 5. He assured that that was all he had and that it would have to “run its course.” Remy’s health has been a concern for a while, as he was treated for lung cancer in 2008, then again in April.

A classic Don and Jerry moment, courtesy of Deadspin
Don and Jerry are the centerpiece of Red Sox Nation. They’re known for talking about anything but the game during the game and their hysterical fits of laughter. And as great as Dennis Eckersley is, he just doesn’t have the chemistry to be Don’s co-commentator (Sorry, Eck). Plus, fans at Fenway are being deprived of free hot dogs.

Jim Rice and Peter Gammons joined Don yesterday for the double header respectively, and Tom Caron is set to fill in tonight. But it’s good to know that RemDawg’s return is in sight.

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