Something Cooking on Yawkey Way

Photo Courtesy of the Globe
There's something cooking on Yawkey way (no pun intended). According to the Boston Globe, Joseph P. Marchese from Everett has offered to double the rate the Red Sox are currently paying to sell concessions on Yawkey Way. He offered $3 million over 10 years to be able sell food and drink on Yawkey Way according to the Globe. Marchese told the Globe he would sublet the space to Boston Redevelopment Authority-approved businesses, but he would also have a couple businesses of his own. He owned his own restaurant in the 1980's but hasn't owned his own restaurant since.

According to the Globe, the BRA and the club have had an agreement for the last 10 years, which would expire at the end of this season. The team has used it for private seating and a gate into the park during games. According to the Globe, the process is open and the BRA is considering all of it's options, including Marchese's bid.

So what would this mean? If the Red Sox keep the rights to sell food and drink, they will most certainly keep part of space private, and that would mean they can hike up prices. If someone else, like Marchese, gets the rights, that person could choose to keep it all outside the ballpark, which could mean they could decide to lower prices. This is all speculation of course. Whoever ends up with the rights to use the space on Yawkey could decide not to change anything. It's unclear what will happen, but according to the Globe, it could be a real battle. According to the Globe, the BRA and the Sox have an exclusive contract that is based on the idea that Yawkey Way needs redevelopment. The Red Sox have made $2.2 million a year on average, so there's obviously a lot of financial appeal so the team might decide to put up a fight. I personally think the BRA should consider letting someone else take control of the space because it could (could, mind you) lead to lower prices, as I explained above, which would make everyone else happy. I can't see the future, though, and I unfortunately can't confirm which way would benefit fans more.

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Conor Frederick
Contributing Writer