Sucking on lemons

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

It must have tasted pretty sour last night for Koji Uehara.

The former Texas Ranger reliever came into the game with one out in the seventh inning and watched the very first pitch bounce off the left center wall for a double. That hit scored two runs breaking open the 1 - 1 tie that starter John Lackey left behind.

John Lackey was fighting all evening, putting together a good showing over 6 innings, allowing 6 hits, and only giving up 1 run. He did that with 5 strikeouts and no walks. A joy to watch him working the Texas Rangers.

While the Red Sox bullpen has been pretty effective this season so far, losses like last night will happen. Painful as this can feel in the moment, it is but a blip in the season. Just like the 17 - 5 win the night before, it won't happen often.

It was not all Koji Uehara's fault, he was preceded by Craig Breslow who walked one and gave up a hit to put the two men on base for Koji Uehara to clean up. The runners were charged to Craig Breslow but the damage was done.

On a positive note, the 8th was sewn up by Junichi Tazawa without incident and Andrew Bailey closed out the 9th inning. Good to see our closer making a solid appearance with only a single walk issues to blemish his outing.

Bullpen predictions you ask?

I say, tonight the bullpen will bounce back, make use of Andrew Miller, close with Andrew Bailey making the save to give Jon Lester his seventh win against Derek Holland and the Rangers.

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