Tim Tebow a baseball god?

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You thought a baseball blog about the Red Sox would be a good place to hide from all the Tim Tebow noise? Wrong. Tebow could have been a baseball player. God help us.

The Heisman trophy winner, two time BCS National Football Champion and current New England Patriot was scouted in high school by the Los Angeles Angels fittingly enough.

As his high school coach Greg “Boo” Mullins told The Sporting News last month, Tebow was just as blessed on the baseball diamond as he was the gridiron.

“He more or less did for me on the baseball field what he did for Coach (Craig) Howard on the football field,” said Mullins. “He was a power-hitting left-hander who had a plus arm and plus speed. He was the leader of the team with his passion, his fire and his energy. He loved to play baseball, too. He just had a bigger fire for football.”

Tebow hit cleanup, batted .494 with four home runs, 30 RBI and 10 doubles. He was a first-team Florida All-State selection.

“I had pro scouts calling, ‘Boo, is he going to play football or if we draft him do you think he’ll sign?”

Mulllins thinks Tebow could have been a 7-12th round draft pick out of high school.

However, Tim Tebow had a higher calling as we all know. He did not play baseball his senior year and ascended to football glory at the University of Florida. Tebow eventually was drafted in the first round of the NFL draft by the Denver Broncos.

Today he’s a New England Patriot. Can someone ask Lord Belichick if Tebow can pitch middle relief? The Red Sox could use an arm the next few nights if the Sox have a prayer of staying atop the AL East.

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