What Red Sox are All Stars?

Ryan MacLeod
Contributing Writer

This years Major League All Star game is held at Citi Field in New York, the home of the Mets. Today MLB announced the current league leaders for the all star balloting. The current holder of the most votes in the AL is last years MVP and triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera with over 1.5 million votes. Lets look at potential all stars from the Red Sox.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia:
Saltalamacchia currently has over 330 thousand votes and is 5th in the catchers voting. Salty has had a good year but it does not look like he will get the nod to go to the all star game because he has been splitting time with David Ross.

Mike Napoli:
Napoli has been everything that the Red Sox have wanted and more in the early parts of this season, any other year and he would be an All Star but because of the early season success of Chris Davis and Prince Fielder it looks as if Napoli will also be getting 3 days off instead of traveling to New York. Napoli sure deserves to be there but he will need to be selected as an alternate.

Dustin Pedroia:
Pedroia is currently in third in the 2nd baseman voting for the All Star game but is only 20,000 votes behind Ian Kinsler. Red Sox nation need to get on the voting to get Pedroia to to New York because he deserves to be there.

David Ortiz:
Ortiz is leading the DH category in votes because he has been on fire since coming off the DL. Ortiz will be at the All Star game due to his contributions to the Red Sox offense, including 10 home runs.

Jon Lester:
There is no voting for the pitchers, it is up to the manager of the AL to choose who he wants to have pitch for him. Lester has had a great start to the year but has had a little struggles lately. He currently has a 6-2 record in 12 starts and has pitched 79 innings. He has a 3.53 ERA and opponents are hitting .228 on the year against him.

Clay Buchholz:
Buccholz is the best pitcher in the American League right now, he is 8-0 in 11 starts and has a league low 1.62 ERA. If Buchholz is not the considered the starter for the AL in the All Star game right now then there is a conspiracy going on.

There are 4 Red Sox members that are in the top 5 of the voting ballots and have 2 pitchers that should also go the the All Star game. If the Sox could only have 1 representative who would you want to go for the Sox? Leave your answer in the comments section below or tell me on twitter @ryanthahawaiian. Remember Red Sox Nation, these players still need your votes, to vote and make sure we have the right players at Citi Field in July.