3 Stars of the Game: Game 101

Ryan MacLeod
Contributing Writer

It may have been the late game the night before but the Red Sox came out and were shut down imediatly by Matt Moore, who single handidly pulled the Tampa Bay Rays to within .5 a game of the Red Sox in the AL East standings. Here are the 3 stars of last nights game.
Star 3: Ben Zobrist
Zobrist went 3-5 last night, getting more hits than the entire Red Sox team. He scored one run, on a sacrifice fly in the first inning and the Rays never looked back.
Star 2: James Loney
Loney went 1-3 last night in 4 at bats. He had 2 RBI's, one in the first inning on a sacrifice fly and the other on a single in the fifth inning. Loney was the provider of offense for the Rays last night. his 2 RBI's increased his seasons total to 45 on the year.
Star 1: Matt Moore
Moore got the ball last night and sailed away to victory, improving to 14-3 on the season. He pitched a complete game 2 hitter, striking out 4, walking 1 and allowing zero runs. He threw 109 pitches and was dominant the entire game. He had stuff that the Red Sox can expect to see against pitchers in the playoffs if they continue their success.

Last night was not the night for the Sox, they now play tonight with the AL East leading spot up for grabs. What do you think the key is for the Sox to win tonight and retain their lead in the standings? Leave your answer in the comments below or tell me on twitter @RyanMacleod15.