An open letter to Clay Buchholz from Red Sox Nation

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It’s been 46 days since Clay Buchholz last pitched in a game and it doesn't look like he's going to be on the mound anytime soon.

The Red Sox All-Star pitcher has been diagnosed with shoulder inflammation and said he won't pitch until he is 100%.

Meanwhile, the Sox continue to fight to hold onto first place in the AL East.

Red Sox Life has collected some messages and compiled an open letter to Clay Buchholz:

Dear Clay,

I love you, Clay, always have, but this season has just been full of mystery.
- Linda, Connecticut

Well that's awfully nice of you, Clay. No rush
- Bill, Maine

Patrice Bergeron needs to pay you a visit.
- Chip, Massachusetts

I honestly don't blame you that much. This medical staff misdiagnosed your spinal fracture. I'd be very cautious too.
- Mike, Massachusetts

Clay, this is bulls**t and there's gotta be more to it.
- Cynthia, Utah

It's the same thing every year with you. I'd love just once to see you pitch a full season.
- Keith, Massachusetts

No more excuses, Clay. Time to get back on the hill and do what you're paid to do.
- Andy, Rhode Island

I think it is about time someone kisses that boo-boo and makes it better.
- Steve, Vermont

Pretty clear most of your problem Clay is between the ears. This has gone on far too long.
- Joel, Massachusetts

You've had a stiff neck since June. I have a stiff neck every day.
- Rick, Pennsylvania

Love, Red Sox Nation

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