Boston's snubbed All-Star

Sean Riley
Contributing Writer

Thursday's win against the Seattle Mariners in extra innings was won by Boston's snubbed All-Star Daniel Nava. Nava has shined for the Red Sox in his first season as an everyday player in their outfield. With a 3 game series left against Oakland Nava has 87 hits, 10 homers, and 52 RBIs before the All-Star break. There was a lot of hype over the week for a push to vote in Sox reliever Koji Uehara and I think fans forgot about how Nava should be heading to Citi Field next week in New York to participate in his first All-Star game.

The starting outfield for the American League is legit and correct with Mike Trout, Adam Jones, and Jose Bautista. Don't get me wrong, Nava shouldn't be starting in the All-Star game but should be in as a reserve in the outfield. Besides Nelson Cruz I believe Daniel Nava should've gotten in before Alex Gordon or Tori Hunter. Both guys are having good years, both have more hits than Nava but he has them both in homeruns, walks, runs, and RBIs. Hunter has been to a ton of All-Star games and has had his shinning moments so he should have been the first one out. I get that he's older and has surpassed 100 hits before the break but it'd be nice to see a new face in there.

Daniel Nava may not be playing in Citi Field next week but he has rocked for the Sox so far this season. Manager John Farrell has moved him all over the diamond, up and down the lineup and Nava just goes to work and does his thing. Nothing seems to effect this kid and he has really come into his own. Personally, I never expected the kid who hit a grand slam in his first MLB at bat, first pitch at that, to be playing like an All-Star outfielder. So here's to you Daniel Nava, a stud outfielder in our eyes and hopefully get your shot for some recognition nationally next year.