Brandon Snyder giving Farrell a new headache

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Brandon Snyder has been swinging a good bat at the plate since the Red Sox called him up. He hit a crucial bases clearing double on Tuesday and an impressive solo shot yesterday. This could possibly lead to another headache at third base once Stephen Drew gets back. With Jose Iglesias putting up Rookie of the Year-like performances, it will create some heavy competition at third that might make it impossible for anyone to nail down a starting position. That is, assuming they decide to keep Snyder up in the majors. His days might be numbered, though. Will Middlebrooks is swinging a hot bat in AAA Pawtucket. He's hitting .314 currently with the PawSox, according to the PawSox official website. I'm sure once Middlebrooks gets back up to Boston, Snyder will go back down and Iglesias and Middlebrooks will share third. The other solution would be to move Iglesias back to shortstop behind Drew, but then Iglesias won't get to play much since we've paid Drew good money.

I'm sure fans will be severely disappointed if Iglesias doesn't play regularly. Brandon Synder has impressed me for sure, but his sample size with the team is only a week. As much as Red Sox Nation may be impressed with this guy, he'll probably be the first candidate to go down if and when they call Middlebrooks back up. Of course, it could still be a while before Middlebrooks gets called up. The best solution would be to leave Middlebrooks down another week or two and give Snyder more time. That would make the most sense to me because Will Middlebrooks needs more time to get his confidence back to where it needs to be and it gives Brandon Snyder an extended taste of what the majors are like.

This is good news for Red Sox fans because it shows the depth of the team. Right now, the team is into the second and third options in some positions and we were the first team to 50 wins in the American League. When we started getting key injuries, I was concerned that the team would fall apart, but that hasn't been a least so far. I might have just jinxed it, but I don't think so (knock on wood).

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Conor Frederick
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