Buchholz confident he will pitch again this season

Ben Whitehead
Contributing Writer

The buzz surrounding the Clay Buchholz saga grows every day. His most recent comments make it sound like the pitcher is confident he will pitch again soon, but the proverbial timetable has yet to be determined.

Prior to Tuesday's game with the Tampa Bay Rays, Buchholz spoke with the media and tried to clear the air as to why he hasn't pitched in a month-and-a-half. Buchholz stated that he pushed himself perhaps a little too much in the early going trying to come back from his neck injury, which he suffered on June 8. He said he has no timetable for his return, but hinted that he would like to be back prior to the "stretch run," mentioning that he would like to make four or five starts before the postseason.

Buchholz recently visited Dr. James Andrews late last week to get a second opinion on his injury. He stated that Dr. Andrews confirmed Buchholz has a shoulder strain, likely from pushing too hard in his throwing program the day following what he termed a "good day." Dr. Andrews advised Buchholz not to rush back into pitching and to methodically build up to where he feels comfortable throwing off a mound again, but assured the pitcher that he only has inflammation in his shoulder and cannot damage it any further.

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